To further enhance audience participation, the project includes the initiation of 5 socially-engaged art interventions in five countries (Cyprus, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Greece).

Each project partner will invite one established artist that works on this artistic genre, to collaborate with the organization and local people, communities and/or university students to initiate and implement a socially engaged art intervention, tackling specific problems related to sustainability and the promotion of circular economy practices. All the processes leading to the interventions will be documented and presented in short films in the project’s platform.


Socially Engaged Short Documentary Film

The EMPACT project proudly presents two short documentary films offering a look at the Socially Engaged activities, five community-based art projects that unfolded throughout 2023.
This short documentary films serve as a visual narrative of the artistic process and its positive impact on local communities and provides insights into the participating artists and how their involvement with the EMPACT project has influenced them in their artistic practices.

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov” (NATFA) | The Nature Outside and Inside Me
The Nature Outside and Inside Me (A theatrical performance – Social action)
20 October 2023 | Sofia, Bulgary

Author: Prof. Velimir Velev
Artistic directors of the Dance and Art Company “SOFISTIK-JIVO”: Elina Topalska and Nikoleta Ilcheva

The artistic action was a short-term behavioral intervention in the public space. With it, the artists try to make direct contact with the attendees by involving them in an unusual situation. The performance involved an interdisciplinary form of artistic expression that has the potential to bring together the means of expression of all arts in any combination. There were no restrictions on duration and places of realization. The only constant was the living presence of the artist, at the basis of which are placed the expressive possibilities of the body and behavior in natural or intentional situations.

The Future is Already Present
26-27-28 October 2023 | Agios Ioannis Pitsilias, Cyprus

Artists. Anna Lytridou and Benjamin Deakin

“The Future is already Present” is an artistic project by the renowned artists, Anna Lytridou and Benjamin Deakin that took place in the CUT Fine Arts international Research Center in Agios Ioannis Pitsilias. The project aimed to engage local community and student participants by asking them to repurpose and re-contextualise the scrap metal and fabrics that they contribute to the project. Using the installation pieces as inspiration, the artist worked with them to combine their items into communally created “framing devices”.

Weaving links: Days of Artistic Creation and Ecology
25-26 September & 2 October 2023 | Madrid, Spain

Artists: Alejandra Díaz-Guerra, Rebeca Sforzani, AL FRESCO Museos Efímeros Collective
Associated partners: The Lourdes Hernández Equality Space

Espacio Rojo´s proposal worked closely with the Lourdes Hernández Equality Space (Carabanchel district) and women from different collectives working with vulnerable women. This artistic proposal is an artistic intervention between different agents and visual artists. A proposal of co-creation based on the knowledge and use of materials such as clay, natural fibers such as rope, esparto grass and site-specific creative actions. Some of them resulted in ceramic pieces that combine these elements in a current and significant way.

L’ARIA BUONA – empathy among humans and nature
1-3 December 2023 | Catania, Italy

Artists: Mauro Maugeri, documentarist author and director
Orazio Condorelli, theatre director and playwright

The result of the socially engaged art intervention was an intense experience involving a theatre director and playwright, a documentary author and director and participants from the local community. They started a collective work exploring human empathy with nature and non-human forms of life through the intertwine of audiovisual narrative, theatrical improvisation and collective writing with bodies and voices

Malleable unity
22 November 2023 | Athens, Greece

Artist: Lea Petrou

This workshop embodies several sustainability principles, including cooperation, material recycling, creative expression, empathy, environmental awareness, and the cyclic nature of resources. It illustrates how a simple creative activity can be a potent tool for instilling sustainable values in children, fostering a sense of responsibility toward the environment and the community.

EMPACT – L’Aria Buona | Socially Engaged Art Intervention by FLP

The socially engaged art intervention L’ARIA BUONA brought together a theatre director, a documentary author, and local participants to explore human empathy with nature. Through audiovisual narrative, theatrical improvisation, and collective writing, they examined unique human characteristics to understand the «alien» abilities of non-human life.

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