Replication Toolkit

«Empathy and Sustainability: The Art of Thinking Like a Mountain (EMPACT)» is a Creative Europe funded project that investigates how the arts can move beyond merely recognizing climate change and the current unprecedented environmental challenges to actually acting on them. EMPACT aims to leverage artistic cooperation and novel art projects to advocate the urgency of the climate crisis, understanding the aesthetics of empathy and sustainability as powerful tools to motivate artists and cultural influencers to champion environmental responsibility, bridging personal interests with the broader well-being of society.

To ensure project sustainability beyond its term, EMPACT has developed a Replication Toolkit, which has been made publicly available in a user-friendly manner on the platform. This toolkit includes all project activities and deliverables in an interactive environment, allowing various actors worldwide to benefit from the project’s outcomes. It encompasses all training materials, workshop supporting documents, and outcomes related to art, empathy, and sustainability. 

EMPACT is a groundbreaking project that has brought together seven European partners, each with diverse experiences and expertise, to foster a game-changing approach in communicating and acting  upon environmental challenges through the arts. The Replication Toolkit, an integral part of this mission, provides a lasting resource for continued engagement and impact.

2.1. Socially Engaged Art Interventions
2.2. Short documentation Film
2.6. Publication of a book documenting the exhibition & addressing key issues