During the project lifecycle, a number of residencies are envisaged to be organized and implemented across the countries of the consortium. 

Residencies will take place: 

  • in Italy, where participants will visit high and low pastures, walk across the mountains, attend dedicated lectures by specialists in the area, and be guided across the surrounding landscapes (natural and built), as well as offered the opportunity for site-specific investigations, 
  • in Spain facilitating empathic and sustainable art creation through training with vulnerable groups for social inclusion and change,  
  • in Bulgaria, where the residency focus will be given to the creation of a performative story, focusing on artists’ own resilience and sustainability, and 
  • in Greece and particularly in Vorres Museum, taking advantage of its natural environment (a paradigm of Mediterranean gardening redefined in the light of climate change and sustainable approach). 

During each residency, participant artists will give a two-hour presentation of their work to the public and students on the last day of the residency.  

The residencies will offer the artists the chance to work with international collaborators (curators, cultural professionals) and make new work at their equipped venues. The residencies will culminate in the host partner presenting the work to the public. 

The residents will be selected through an open call

12-days Residency for five artists 


Nature, Art & Habitat Residency 

4 July – 16 July 2023 

12-days Residency for three artists 


Vorres Museum

31 July – 11 August 2023 

12-days Residency for three artists 


National Academy for Theatre and

Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov” 

26 August – 6 September 2023 

12-days Residency for three artists 


Espacio Rojo 

16 September – 29 September 2023