Together we can achieve more! 

EMPACT brings together seven European partners from six different countries with diversified experiences, expertise, missions, identities, and audiences that represent a balanced and targeted geographical spread. The consortium includes two non-profit cultural micro-organisations, two medium size, peripheral and active at national and international level Museums, one medium-sized NGO and two Universities.

Cyprus University of Technology

Efi Kyprianidou 

Dr. Efi Kyprianidou is the project coordinator of the Creative Europe project EMPACT. She is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Art Theory at the Department of Fine Arts of the Cyprus Technological University. Her main research areas are Philosophy of Art, Aesthetics, and Arts Management. She has published papers in reviews and books, and she is editor of the volumes Weaving Culture in Europe (Nissos, 2017) and The Art of Compassion (Nissos, 2019). Currently she co-edits the book Empathy and the Aesthetic Mind: Perspectives on Fiction and Beyond with K. Bantinaki and F. Vassiliou (Bloomsbury, forthcoming). She has also curated art exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, Germany and Great Britain, and she is the scientific consultant and head curator of the Virtual Museum of Modern and Contemporary Cypriot Art. She is also the CUT coordinator of the Erasmus+ project ETHICO. 

Yiannis Christidis

Yiannis Christidis is an academic and artist, born in Thessaloniki, who currently lives and works in Cyprus. Having studied Cultural Technology and Communication at the University of the Aegean, he holds an MSc in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh, and a PhD in Social Anthropology of Sound from Cyprus University of Technology, where he is currently an Assistant Professor, at the Department of Fine Arts. His research focuses on the cultural aspect of sound, its functionality in everyday life and the relationship between the listeners and their place, while he is also interested in the ways the above can be communicated through visual and audio recordings.

Danae Ioannou 

 Danae Ioannou is the project manager of project EMPACT. She is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy and Aesthetics at the Department of Fine Arts of the Cyprus Technological University. Her research interests are Negative Aesthetics, Fashion Theory and Philosophy of Art. She received her Bachelor Degree in Theory and History of Art from Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) in 2018, presenting the first thesis on Fashion History, about the evolution of Japanese kimono and its impact on the western culture and fashion. In 2020, she acquired her Master Degree in Fashion Studies from Stockholm University. Recently she has published her papers «Woman as open wounds: Fear, desire and disgust» and «Negative Aesthetics, Grotesque Bodies and Disgusting Fashion in the 21st Century». Her latest research work is focused on the negative emotional responses, namely the emotion of disgust, in Art and Fashion.

Efi Kyprianidou 

Yiannis Christidis

Nature, Art & Habitat Residency

Ilaria Mazzoleni (NAHR Founder)

Ilaria Mazzoleni is an architect, educator, author, and NAHR Founder. Her conceptual work in the fields of sustainable architecture and biomimicry has been published internationally. Prior to CalPoly Pomona, Mazzoleni was faculty member at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) and CalArts in Los Angeles. Mazzoleni’s research focuses on biomimicry, where innovation in architecture and design is inspired by the processes and functions of nature. Mazzoleni has authored and published the book Architecture Follows Nature – Biomimetic Principles for Innovative Design (CRC Press, 2013).

Susanna Ravelli (NAHR Board Member)

Susanna Ravelli is a culture and contemporary art project manager working between Milan and Cremona, Italy. She has expertise in capacity building, negotiation and participatory approaches connected with water-landscape development planning and sustainable strategies.

Gabi Scardi (NAHR President)

Gabi Scardi is an art critic, curator and writer. She investigates art and the public sphere and contemporary collaborative methodologies. Scardi collaborated internationally with museums and institutions, curating exhibitions and public projects. Since 2011 she has been the artistic director of nctm e l’arte project; since 2020 she is co-director of Animot review; since 2019 Scardi held the position of NAHR President. She is contributing reviews and features extensively to many publications and exhibition catalogs. She teaches modules on Contemporary Art and Public Art at Università Cattolica and IED.

Sara Invernizzi (NAHR Ambassador)

Sarah Invernizzi is a museographer and writer living in the Italian Orobie Prealps. Invernizzi collaborates with the Consortium for the Protection of Strachìtunt Valtaleggio and has been a member of the scientific committee of the Ca’ Martì Museum since 2020. Sara is an associate of NAHR and coordinates several of the onsite activities and the relations with the local public governing agencies.

The email address/contact info of the representative(s):

Ilaria Mazzoleni

Susanna Ravelli

Gabi Scardi

National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) “Kr. Sarafov ”

Prof. Dr. Lidia Varbanova, EMPACT Project Lead and Professor at NATFA

Prof. Dr. Lidia Varbanova has professional experience in over 60 countries in Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus. She works as an educator, consultant, coach and researcher in the areas of strategy, policy, entrepreneurship and innovations, environmental sustainability and online technologies in the arts, culture and creative industries.  Prof. Varbanova has been a permanent and visiting professor in prominent universities internationally and has received a number of distinguished academic and research awards. Her key books are Strategic Management in the Arts, and International Entrepreneurship in the Arts, published by Routledge (New York/London). She is an internationally acclaimed conference speaker and coach, and an active member of several professional networks in Canada and Europe.  Currently, Prof. Varbanova is the Director of the MA Program in Management of Performing Arts and Industries at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia and a member of the UNESCO International Expert Facility for the implementation of the Convention on Cultural Diversity. In her free time, Lidia practices yoga, biking, swimming, plays piano and volunteers for social causes.

Iliana Dimitrova – EMPACT project coordinator and Project manager at NATFA

Iliana Dimitrova has coordinated successful national and international projects such as the European co-funded projects and programs: Erasmus, TIP PROJECT – Transferring Innovative Practices in 2nd chance education addressing ELET; StudAVP, Summer MEDIA Studio; Four Corners; Artesnet Europe and Inter}Artes. Ms. Dimitrova has also managed projects funded by the Bulgarian Operational Programmes focused on improving the quality of arts training and professional development of students and young researchers (MA and PhD). She was in charge of managing a project on improving the quality of management systems that also included a digitally managed learning process. Another project overseen by Ms Dimitrova, is geared at Digitalising the Theatre and Film Archive. Finally, a project is not managed but monitored by the Rector’s office, focuses on student internships at professional organisations in Bulgaria (such as theatres and production companies). Ms. Dimitrova is in charge of coordinating projects of NATFA co-funded by the Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality, the Ministry of Culture with National Culture Fund and with Ministry of Education in Bulgaria.

Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev, Rector of NATFA

Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev is the Executive Director of the International Association of Film and TV Schools (CILECT) since 2011 and Rector of NATFA (2003-2011, 2015-present). Currently, he is also President of the Bulgarian Association of Film, TV and Radio Scriptwriters (BAFTRS, since 2006). Prof. Semerdjiev has created the first Bulgarian daily TV serial Hotel Bulgaria (2004, Nova TV) and his documentary film The Hamlet Adventure (2008) has been acclaimed at festivals, universities and diplomatic corps screenings in Belgium, Israel, Norway, UK and USA. He is also the producer/writer of the innovative folk-dance stage production Bulgarian Mystery (2019) and script editor or writer of over 80 Bulgarian and European film/TV projects. He has served on a number of film/TV festival juries, conference panels, public councils and educational/scientific committees.

Contact info of NATFA representative: Prof. Dr. Lidia Varbanova:

Lidia Varbanova

Iliana Dimitrova

Stanislav Semerdjiev

Fondazione Lamberto Puggelli

Fondazione Lamberto Puggelli (FLP) is an Italian foundation based in Catania, in the eastern area of Sicily, established in 2016 and dedicated to the promotion of theatre and performative arts, culture dissemination and research on cultural heritage, focusing on participatory and socially engaged activities. It has been founded in honour of the Italian theatre director Lamberto Puggelli and his experience, visions, ideas. FLP supports and/or organizes theatre, dance and music workshop/training sessions/masterclass, arts and cultural events (contemporary theatre and dance, multidisciplinary performances, readings), thematic projects involving theatre, dance, music and audio-visual techniques inspired by a theme chosen in cooperation with research partners and artists.

Grazia Pulvirenti (President)

Fondazione Lamberto Puggelli founder and President since 2016; Professor of German literature at University of Catania since 2005; President and co-founder with Prof. Renata Gambino of the NeuroHumanities Studies Network, an international research network focused on the relation of arts and literature with cognition development, humanities and neuroscience; theatre and opera director since the 90’s.

Simona Presenti (Secretary General)

Fondazione Lamberto Puggelli Secretary General and Treasurer since 2019; EU funding programmes advisor and project management specialist since 2007; EMPACT FLP team member since the proposal development phase; she started working with FLP in 2015 and since then, she has been collaborating with FLP on performative and cultural events organization, artistic research activities, funds management, networking at EU level.

The email address/contact info of the representative(s):

Grazia Pulvirenti

Simona Presenti

Giuseppe Montemagno

Espacio Rojo

Alberto Vázquez.

Graduated in BA (Hons) in Film & Video and Foundation Studies by University College of the Creative Arts, England. He produces, writes, and directs shorts. As an Artist-Educator, he has developed mediation and educational programs in various prestigious institutions across Spain. Co-founder of the non-profit Espacio Rojo organization since 2004, he manages projects and programs in the fields of culture,  education, and social action. Additionally, he has conducted training sessions on art-based methodologies and intercultural education across Europe.

Carina Moreira.

Graduated in Fine Arts by the National School of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires, (Argentina) and Gestalt Therapy by Team Psychotherapy Center in Madrid. Trained in Waldorf Pedagogy and Pedagogical Aptitude, as an Artist-Educator-Therapist, she develops mediation educational projects and social innovation programs in various institutions. Co-founder of Espacio Rojo since 2004, she manages projects and programs in the fields of culture, education, and social action. Additionally, she has received artistic residency grants and exhibited her work in Madrid and Latin America, specializing in painting, photography, and sculpture ceramics.

María del Pilar Peña.

Holds a degree in Business Administration with Specialization in Financial Administration and a Master’s in Business Management and Cultural Institutions. She has experience in the formulation, management and coordination of social and cultural projects, design and implementation of strategies for fundraising and management of corporate alliances. She is the head of the management and administration area in Espacio Rojo.

Marta Serran.

Graduated in Communication and Cultural Industries at the University of Barcelona, she has experience in audiovisual communication, project coordination and administration, and content creation, particularly in the cinematic and cultural sectors. She is in charge of the communication department in Espacio Rojo.

The email address/contact info of the representative(s):

Alberto Vázquez

Carina Moreira

María del Pilar Peña

Marta Serran

Vorres Museum

The Vorres Museum is the vision of Ian Vorres. The museum, which is dedicated to contemporary Greek art and folk art, is, by a 1983 presidential decree, a non for profit foundation (FEK 406, 14.07.1983) and a legal entity of private law. Its aim is the promotion and dissemination of Greek civilization through the creation of infrastructures and permanent collections, the presentation of exhibitions, the implementation of educational programs, the design of publications as well as the organization of events, happenings, speeches, etc.

Nektarios Vorres

Nektarios Vorres is a mathematician and an educator. He is running the Educational Department of the Vorres Museum since 2010. He has been collaborating with artists, curators and the community to produce exhibitions, festivals, educational programs nationally and internationally.

Olga Daniylopoulou

Olga Daniylopoulou is an art critic, curator and writer. She has collaborated internationally with museums and institutions, curating exhibitions and public projects. Since 1992 she has been the artistic director of the Spyropoulos Foundation; She is contributing reviews and features extensively to many publications and exhibition catalogs.

The email address/contact info of the representative(s):

Nektarios Vorres

Olga Daniylopoulou

Umetnostna Galerija Maribor

With its collection of more than 7,000 art works by Slovene artists from the end of the 19th century up to present, UGM is one of the main museums for modern and contemporary art in Slovenia. Painting, sculpture and prints are joined by photographs, video art, multimedia installations and interactive art projects.

Jure Kirbiš is a curator of contemporary art at UGM | Maribor Art Gallery. He gravitates toward the libidinal, textural qualities in art. He enjoys art that titillates, arouses, tickles, art that evokes a sense of celebration, joy, a heightened mood in art. He prides himself on his queer sensibility, through which he explores phenomena like artifice, architype, ersatz, mise-en-scène, cultural cross-pollination, pastiche, camp, folklore, storytelling, comedy and horror. His recent projects include Invisible Hand, The Witch Twins, Live, Laugh, Love and Even Still Sexy.

Živa Kleindienst is an exhibition coordinator and curator at UGM | Maribor Art Gallery. Until 2023 she was a curator at ACE KIBLA where her recent projects include KIBLIX 2020–2021: Virtual Worlds Now, international group exhibition Tense Present, and many other solo and group exhibitions and international conferences and seminars. Since 2018 she has been closely collaborating with internationally renown artist Šejla Kamerić. Until 2019 she curated numerous exhibitions and festival editions of the Fotopub Festival for Contemporary Culture. In 2018 she collaborated with the SKLOP Association in Sarajevo, where she co-organized the exhibition of the ZVONO Award (YVVA The Young Visual Artists Award) nominees and in 2016 she was the artistic director and curator of the Simulaker Gallery in Novo mesto.

Jure Kirbiš

Živa Kleindienst

This partnership ended on October 31st, 2023

Wisefour Ltd.

Wisefour Ltd is a boutique research and technology agency based in Cyprus, providing top notch services to enterprises and Research Centers all over Europe. Its mission is to bring together world-leading institutes and multinational companies across Europe, identifying the on-going innovation and commercialization of the next generation of Key Enabling Technologies (KET’s). It is exceedingly cross functional, with electrifying in-depth knowledge across several research topics and product lines. Ever since its conception in 2009, it has been following a continuous rising path, through the effective use of new technologies and the continuous expansion of its services.

Arslanoglou Nikos 

Nikos has studied Political Science and International Relations at the University of Peloponnese and holds a Master’s Degrees in Environmental, Disasters and Crises Management Strategies in University of Athens. He has coordinated as project manager numerous European projects under the programme of Erasmus+. Mr Arslanoglou is an experienced environmentalist and political actor, and he has developed and implemented a lot of analysis, plans in the environmental field in the management of crisis and disasters as well as in the political field at European level.

Jenny Lazarou

Jenny has an academic background of BSc in Economics & M.B.A. and Informatics. Her working experience comes through a powerful consulting job position as a Project Manager for the R&D department of research organizations, consulting firms, as well as job positions as Business Analyst & Consultant. Moreover, she has expertise in planning, implementation and follow-up of EU programs at international level and Cypriot Research & Development Programs.

Arslanoglou Nikos

Jenny Lazarou