EMPACT is structured in five Work Packages (WPs) to reach the balance between technologies developed and the direct relation to social and impact factors to guarantee sustainability and proper fitting to the target groups’ needs. The project is based on three thematic WPs; namely WP2 – Capacity Building, WP3 – Artistic and Creative Expression, and WP5 – Networking and Knowledge Sharing supported by two crosscutting WPs, that of WP1 – Management, Administration and Coordination and WP4 – Communication and Dissemination. 

WP1: Management, Administration and Coordination 

This WP will provide overall project management and coordination. The main objectives are: 

  • To ensure the project is well managed on the aspects of monitoring, coordination, objective achievement, risk management, financial management. 
  • Coordination and control of the technical project activities according to the work plan. 
  • To ensure effective communication between partners. 
  • To provide technical quality control and ensure the quality and timely delivery of deliverables.


WP2: Capacity Building 

This WP concerns the capacity building program and its respective activities. Its objectives include: 

  • Producing a state-of-the-art training curriculum on sustainability pathways. 
  • Piloting the curriculum in 21 workshops across partner countries. 
  • Producing a report on capacity building related to sustainability and the arts. 

WP3: Artistic and Creative Expression 

The activities of this WP will allow artists, experts and participants from the civil society to collectively experiment with new creative and cooperation models in order to strengthen the interaction among artists and society in developing empathy and participation toward an inclusive future for humans and the planet. The main objectives are: 

  • Artists to acquire a more accurate understanding of the society and people’s challenges and the possible way to stimulate their participation through arts. 
  • The local community participants to experience a creativity-stimulating way to get involved in a reflection on the sustainability challenge and at the same time this will boost their appreciation and interest in arts, empathy and sustainability.  
  • To reach the maximum possible number of people, both artists and audience, therefore maximizing the impact of the project. 
  • To organize and implement 14 residencies across the countries of the consortium. 
  • To organize and implement 5 socially engaged (collective) art interventions. 
  • To organize and implement 14 collaborative interdisciplinary projects. 
  • To host 2 exhibitions: one exhibiting the artistic products of the project. 

WP4: Communication and Dissemination 

This WP contains all actions and activities involved in the communication and dissemination of the project.  

WP5: Networking and Knowledge Sharing 

This WP concerns the main actions and deliverables that contribute to the maximum networking and knowledge sharing. It contains the three main Landmark Workshops, which will be having a conference form, and will be attracting individuals from the consortium partners. Furthermore, it contains the survey which will be implemented at the end of the project.