EMPACT - L’Aria Buona | Socially Engaged Art Intervention by FLP

The socially engaged art intervention L’ARIA BUONA brought together a theatre director, a documentary author, and local participants to explore human empathy with nature. Through audiovisual narrative, theatrical improvisation, and collective writing, they examined unique human characteristics to understand the «alien» abilities of non-human life. The project drew inspiration from scientific and philosophical works, including essays by Donna Haraway, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Byung-Chul Han, and literary contributions from Italo Calvino. Calvino’s perspective on the human/nature relationship, especially in his works Marcovaldo and Mr. Palomar, guided the participants in perceiving nature through a comic and surreal lens.

The artists adopted a «documentary» language, gathering empirical data and interviews, and employed a «synergy approach» by engaging with individuals living symbiotically with nature. These interviews included stories of people who built straw houses on Etna’s mountainside or started farms in the countryside. Such interactions provided the workshop group with real-life examples of deep connections with the environment, inspiring a new mindset and perspective. This phase was followed by an urban exploration where participants observed nature’s resilience in the city, discovering plants growing through concrete and ancient lava flows, highlighting nature’s persistent presence even in urban spaces.

The collective performance incorporated music to avoid a mere theatrical representation and to enhance the sensory and emotional dimensions of the experience. Public participation was integral, with attendees contributing their definitions of «good air» during the final performance, making their words part of the event. The central theme of the intervention was the resilience and endurance of nature within urban spaces and within ourselves. The workshop included 15 participants, 3 interviewees, and over 60 community members who joined the final event on December 3rd, celebrating the interconnectedness of humans and nature.


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