EMPACT - Espacio Rojo presents the EMPACT’s SuCiE platform in Spain

Espacio Rojo presents two activities in collaboration with the EMPACT project and the Yeast International Student Film Festival.

Both activities are part of the Cruza Carabanchel program, and will be repeated after two days at the Filmoteca de Andalucía and the Fundación Antonio Gala, in Córdoba.

On Saturday June 1 from 11am to 1pm, at TuPatio Hall of Artists, Espacio Rojo presents “Empathy through film”, a selection of short films that explores empathy and sustainability through film and becomes the venue for the Yeast International Student Film Festival with the screening of short films from Armenia, Holland, Estonia, Germany, United Kingdom, Lebanon and Cyprus.

In addition, we will have the presence of the director Yiannis Christidis, who will present the first images of the creation process of the creative documentary of the EMPACT project: “The council of all beings”.

The same activity will take place on Monday June 3 from 19.30h to 21.30h at the Filmoteca de Andalucía, at its headquarters in Córdoba.

On Sunday June 2 from 11h to 13.30h will take place the activity “Discover the Sustainable Future”, also in TuPatio Hall of Artists. Espacio Rojo presents, within the project “EMPACT: Empathy and Sustainability”, the innovative SuCiE platform for circular economy and sustainability, where artists and companies can exchange waste materials in a profitable way.

The morning will feature talks by artists Yiannis Christidis (Cyprus) – “A look at, a platform for sustainability and artistic creation”; Vicky Pericleous (Greece) – “Economies of Empathy and Sustainability: a gestural return in art contexts”; and Andreas Savvas (Cyprus) – “Materials of Resilience”. And the Workshop with visual artist David Gutierrez on the creation of experimental musical instruments with recycled materials.

The same activity will take place on Tuesday, June 4 from 11 am to 1.30 pm at the Antonio Gala Foundation in Cordoba.

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