EMPACT - Socially Engaged Art Intervention

"Weaving links: Days of artistic creation and ecology"

Espacio Rojo | 25, 26 September - 2 October 2023. Madrid, Spain

The artistic intervention with social commitment «Weaving links: Days of artistic creation and ecology» will take place on September 25th and 26th and October 2nd at gender equality space called “Lourdes Hernandez.” Madrid.

In the framework of the innovative project «EMPACT – Empathy and sustainability: The art of thinking like a mountain«, co-funded by the EU Creative Europe Program (Grant agreement nº: 101055903 – EMPACT – CREA-CULT-2021-COOP-2) coordinated by Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) and the Asst. Professors Efi Kyprianidou and Yiannis Christidis.

The artistic intervention of social commitment Weaving links: is a proposal of multidisciplinary co-creation between the artist Alejandra Diaz Guerra, the collective of artisans “living in esparto grass” and the technical assistance in ceramics of Inés González Cordero an the artistic mediation of Carina Moreira. 

The project aims to create a laboratory of creation of three days of meeting in order to the reconnection of the human being with nature, the defense of the earth, and to promote social transformation through the powerful tool of art. 

“Planting to take care of life» – 25 September | Consisted of an artistic action led by an expert in medicinal plants who carried out a collective Hacker Gardening action to activate a medicinal garden spot in an abandoned community center.

«Weaving to be» – 26 September | It was carried out by artists and collectives that made known the esparto grass culture: traditional harvesting, preparation, weaving and sewing techniques. Linking cultural and artistic initiatives and intangible heritage. This proposal was carried out with the collaboration of the artist in residence Rebeca Sforzani. 

“The whisper of clay: creation with clay» – 2 October | Clay is an element that arises from mixing earth and water, two of the essential elements of nature. This creative phase developed a ceramic creation laboratory and the artistic intervention with the weaving of esparto grass and rope in the work «Nest» by the guest artist Alejandra Diaz Guerra.

Clay, an element that arises from the mixture of earth and water, represents the very essence of nature. This basic material becomes a source of connection with life and stimulates our senses and concentration.

In an effort to highlight the importance and fundamental role of women in the preservation of ecology and traditional knowledge, the community will embark on the creation of clay pieces, fusing this technique with the ancient art of basketry. 

This project not only explores the different techniques involved, but also reflects on the transmission of knowledge, the sense of belonging and the loss of beauty and environmental impact associated with the disappearance of local traditions and materials.