EMPACT – Workshop | Empathic and Resilient Artists by UGM

Maribor Art Gallery have partnered with the two preeminent secondary schools in Maribor, Prva gimnazija Maribor and II. gimnazija Maribor, in the framework of the European project EMPACT in order to introduce the themes of empathy and sustainability…

EMPACT – 2nd Collaborative Interdisciplinary Artistic Project by CUT

This interdisciplinary project is the result of the collaboration between the artist and academic Panayiotis Michael and the art historian Christina Lambrou. The collaboration is realized through the exhibition of Michael’s artworks and the discussion between the artist and Christina Lambrou about…

EMPACT – L’Aria Buona | Socially Engaged Art Intervention by FLP

The socially engaged art intervention L’ARIA BUONA brought together a theatre director, a documentary author, and local participants to explore human empathy with nature. Through audiovisual narrative, theatrical improvisation, and collective writing, they examined unique human characteristics to understand the «alien» abilities of non-human life.

EMPACT – Espacio Rojo presents the EMPACT’s SuCiE platform in Spain

Espacio Rojo presents two activities in collaboration with the EMPACT project and the Yeast International Student Film Festival.
Both activities are part of the Cruza Carabanchel program, and will be repeated after two days at the Filmoteca de Andalucía and the Fundación Antonio Gala, in Córdoba.