CUT Landmark Workshop 

We are pleased to announce the 3-day workshop “The Art of Thinking Like a Mountain”!

The Workshop is organized by Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) and will be held in the English language

As far back as Aristotle, arts have been strongly related to empathetic responses to pain and, by association, to the development of an empathetic attitude. In which ways humans can be emotionally influenced by their engagement with works of art, in order to become more empathetic towards nature?

This workshop aims to help artists and art and culture professionals to become empathetic and resilient beings and to incorporate the idea of sustainability in their works, through the use of sustainable practices. Its objective is to demonstrate how empathy as an abstract concept can be applied in the arts so that people are motivated to care for non-human others and the environment. Furthermore, artists specialized in matters of sustainability, philosophers and social scientists will engage in a dialogue, in order to explore the role of empathy in the development of a sustainable lifestyle

The Art of Thinking Like a Mountain” workshop will carry out a holistic, well designed series of activities, which will provide the artists and the cultural organizations with the knowledge, skills and tools to face the complicated scientific and social conflicts caused by the climate change. 

Efi Kyprianidou | Myrto Voreakou | Katerina Bantinaki | Fotini Vassiliou | Theodoros Kouros 

Yiannis Christidis | Nico Carpentier | Dimitris Savva | Kyriakos Kousoulides | Fani Boudouroglou | Rania Emmanouilidou | Lia Psoma

La Panthère des Neiges / The Velvet Queen (2021) Directors: Marie Amiguet, Vincent Munier

Artworks by Vicky Perikleous:

Βίκυ Περικλέους, Studies for a Place, 2022, I-ΙΙ, c-print in mirror alluminium.